Project Description


To streamline and automate the management of transpromotional communication for the bi-monthly generation of 6.5m invoices to customers.


Integration and configuration for 30 named users of Communicalia for the generation, management and analysis of marketing, business/customer and billing strategies, related to the automated generation of the transpromotional communication matrix for billing customers, both B2B and B2C.

The solution manages the resources required for invoicing and the layout, as well as the targeting criteria provided by business and priority users for implementation in the invoicing process.

Thanks to our CommsData solution, the client has visibility of the target audience based on the parameters reflected in the transpromotional matrix, after the production and issuing of the invoice in order to prevent composition-related errors. Outreach reports can be generated later – the result of campaigns based on different criteria of interest.

The client now has the capacity and autonomy to generate infinite combinations in terms of variability and live campaigns within the invoicing period to its customers.


Customer: Endesa

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