Project Description


Creating a customer-centric communication model, powered by the customer’s own CRM.


We send emails to customers with offers of customizing the content to achieve a one-to-one communication in real time. Powered by the Leaseplan CRM and with our own integrated solution, we optimize the impacts by the channel preferred by the client.

We manage the implementation of our Communicalia tool to create a customer-centric communication model. We start with the platform that enables the generation of multichannel communication templates (email, call center, mail, etc.) for scheduled events for each user depending on the current phase of the established life cycle.

Finally, we consolidate all statistical data from the channels and behavior of the customer before the communication, processing them according to the KPI’s established by the company and being exported back to the customer’s CRM, allowing to make new strategic decisions for the company.


Channels: Mail, email, CallCenter
Customer: Lease Plan

Key customers