Ongoing communication strategy with citizens that enhances the positive image of the services offered.

Governments, whether state, regional or local, interact poorly with their “customers”, i.e. citizens. They usually do so just before elections to inform them of the achievements they have made on their behalf in the legislature, while indirectly asking for their vote.

Meanwhile, when the public authorities get in touch with their “clients”, they do so to inform them about the payment of taxes, fines and all kinds of charges for their services. This conveys a negative image of the relationship and also a poor aesthetic design of the communication, mainly by direct mail.

Finally, when the courts and tribunals interact with citizens, the picture is even bleaker. Receiving a notice from this administrative body, especially given the use of an overly technical language, is a reason for concern and provides little explanation of the issue.

In short, the public authorities lack a strategy of ongoing communication with citizens that enhances the positive image of the services offered.

MailTecK can help the public authorities create a closer relationship with their citizens by improving aesthetics and the lexical aspects of content, using a multichannel strategy that includes direct mail, email and even certified SMS, with full legal value.

The main advantages of MailTecK for multichannel citizen communication services are:

  • Design of easily understandable communications.
  • Use of paper and digital channels to reach all citizens.
  • Response channels available to citizens.
  • Support with the implementation of eGovernment with certified communications and electronic signature.

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