Evolution of digital transformation processes of communications, both print and electronic, with customers.

Companies in the insurance industry have a particular issue in relation to information management processes and their communication with third parties due to three main factors:

  • A strict regulatory framework stemming from national and international regulations.
  • Strong competition with regard to pricing, resulting from the economic downturn in recent years and competition from digital business models.
  • The challenge of implementing omni-channel models alongside traditional models.

In this competitive environment, one of the priorities of the industry is to combine the value of traditional models with the value of new models in an evolutionary digital transformation process improving customer service while reducing costs.

MailTecK provides insurance companies with services and solutions to evolve the digital transformation processes of customer communications, both paper and electronic, with a strict control of regulated content.

MailTecK, helps insurance companies to:

  • Decrease the number of zero impacts, leading to a reduction of costs.
  • Optimize their traditional communication, implementing the use of alternative online channels.
  • Differentiate their products and services with impactful technological proposals.
  • Manage process efficiency in all communications with customers.
  • Add value to multichannel customer communications.
  • Improve time to market by neutralizing competitors’ campaigns in record time.
  • Implement new cross-selling techniques to increase sales.


“We’ve been working with MailTecK for almost five years, mainly for sending documents to our customers. For us, MailTecK is no longer just a graphics supplier; it has become an indispensable partner. What we most like is their eagerness to find solutions highly adapted to our needs and to continually offer new ways to interact with our customers in a proactive and innovative way”.

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