Loyalty programs lack, in many cases, a multichannel communication plan.

The acquisition cost of a customer is ten times higher than the retention cost. However, on average, one in ten customers abandon the company each year. A loyalty program seeks to retain the best customers at a reasonable cost by acting primarily on four factors: rewards, data, intelligence and communication.

Even if the first three factors are strong, loyalty programs often lack a multichannel communication plan.

Effective communication management is the key to loyalty programs. For this, the communication must be:

  • Customized: because each client is unique.
  • Relevant: resulting from previously applied customer intelligence.
  • Cost-effective:  because you have to find the effective contact, i.e. the ROI of the communication
  • Multichannel: because the customer expects to interact through any channel, especially mobile.

MailTecK provides companies with the multichannel communication services required to manage a loyalty program effectively.

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