The IDC consultancy whitepaper, which was obtained after a discussion with representative companies in the sector, deals with multi-channel communication and information management in the Spanish insurance sector.

After presenting the particular issues of the insurance industry with respect to customer information management processes, the article defines the priorities of business departments and ICT in the short and long term. It also emphasizes the need to automate processes, not only the calculation of premiums and scoring but cross-selling and the interface with the mediation.

Finally, the main challenges in ICT are defined such as:

  • hyper-regulation with a large share of ICT resources aimed at compliance (SEPA, FATCA, etc.).

Heading: Multi-channel communication as part of information management in the Spanish insurance sector. Implications for the ICT department.
Date: 09/04/2015
Source: IDC Consultancy

  • lack of management’s undertaking to justify technological change projects while digital natives are still a small part of the turnover.

  • the culture does not adapt to the pace of technological developments.

  • The uncertainty caused by the current legislation which does not specify the procedures to implement it within companies. It ends with conclusions regarding the need for alignment between ICT and Business, optimal management of resources to devote the minimum necessary to the regulation with the implementation of an omni-channel model that first requires redefinition, adaptation and orchestration of internal processes, before the service can be provided to customers.

Javier Echebarría