Collaborative graphic design services

MailDesign encompasses our range of graphic design services provided through collaborative tools built in web environments.

We provide you with a team of professionals with extensive experience to design the originals required for the communication actions to be performed. This complements our printing services.

We perform everything from the graphic design of any original to the launch of a multichannel action in any type of online and offline format. We use state-of-the-art tools that enable, for example, desktop sharing with our customers and the creation of online workflows and approval processes.

We provide the development and implementation of an extensive service catalog which will take your message to your customers in the most effective way.


Needs and solutions

I’m really busy

“I have all my team busy designing and I can’t take on any more projects”.
We’ll help you!

MailDesign has a qualified team that includes experts in online and offline graphic design, layout and final artwork with years of experience in individualized multichannel communication.

Our design department is committed to providing the very best service for companies from all industries: from major advertisers to SMEs or marketing and communications agencies.

I have little time

“I have to deliver a project in two days and I can’t do it in-house”.

We help you meet your deadlines.

We are used to working under pressure and we know the importance of a time frame.

We speed up changes in real time through our management systems for the approval of designs. We save on journeys and avoid misinterpretations of the requested changes.


“I have a piece already designed and need to adapt to other formats and media”.

Experience in managing this type of work.

We format all kinds of documents with speed, promptness and flexibility, both print and digital, and adapt them to any media or communication channel.

Full respect for the specific requirements of the different print media which will be used to produce the campaign.


“I worry about neglecting the professional who’s going to carry out the project.”

To ensure proper compliance with the time frame, we have online collaborative tools which cut out the need for traveling, with the consequent optimization of the budget.

These tools enable desktop sharing and, where necessary, mean we can work under the supervision of our customers.