Ideal web solution for sending postal administrative communications from your computer

The application works as a printer installed on your computer, does not require integration with your systems and can send postal correspondence directly from the program in which it is generated (Word, Excel, Outlook, PowerPoint and PDF). This tool boosts the productivity of departments which regularly send out correspondence by post. The mailings created are automatically received on the MailTecK web server for immediate printing, enveloping and postage.

It offers the following products and formats: standard letter, certified letter and registered with acknowledgment of receipt requested, administrative mail and registered fax.

PostaMail also facilitates the full traceability of correspondence, digital and automatic archiving of documents, and cost and user control.

PostaMail: The easiest and fastest way to send post to your customers.



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PostaMail is an innovative service that lets you send post conveniently from your computer using a simple application.