Omnichannel certified communication with complete legal validity.

Not too long ago – before electronically certified communications, the sole alternatives that people had to send some sort of legally recognized communication were either a certified POD (Proof of Delivery) letter or a registered fax, both of which were costly and their handling being quite time consuming.

Electronic registered communications covers the need for certification while offering numerous upsides when compared to paper-based supports:

  • The inherent speed and agility in electronic communications email SMS…).
  • Its ubiquity and asnchyronism.
  • Cost cutting savings in use of paper and handling.
  • Documentary proof in case of any legal proceedings.
Business case:
Integral certified multichannel communication generation and notification
cost savings in its communications
Business case: Insurance Industry
Registry of proof and certification of the whole communication process
Cost saings exceeding
annually in the certification of individualized documents

With the presence of a procedural witness, also known as “trusted third party”, who in addition to keeping custody of the evidence, in other words, the documents themselves, and the tracking and tracing of the full communication process, testifies in front of the judge about the veracity of the facts involved when so requested by either one of the two parties involved, the company or its customer.

In full compliance with the European Regulation 910/2014 that regulates electronic identification and trusted services ensuring electronic transactions, also known as eIDAS, CustomerComms is wholly integrated into the sole European legal framework for certified electronic delivery, electronic contracting and digital evidence custody services and has been fully approved by the Spanish Ministry of Industry, Energy and Tourism as a “ Provider of Trusted Services”.

As our competitive advantage, CustomerComms integrates all of these trusted services within our own proprietary process management for omnichannel customer communications, including both postal and electronic, throughout the entire lifecycle. This enables us to selectively certify communications on paper email or SMS or any combination of these supports, in the contracting process, contract renewal, damage repairs , policy expiries, claim handling…etc.

With Customer Comms Omnichannel Certified Communications solution our clients are able to:

Certified Communications
  • Automate certification processes and reduce costs and time.
  • Choose either the physical or electronic channels or a combination of them to certify their communications.
  • Guarantee total control of both their normal and certified customer communications.
  • Integrate all of their certified communications with one single supplier.
  • Guarantee that their certified communications are legally binding through a fully approved Trusted Services Supplier.