Communications that allow the customer to experience dynamic and personalized interactivity

Direct communication with customers cannot replace personal communication from a sales person explaining the benefits and costs of a complex product or service. However, customized dynamic communicationmanages to give the customer the dynamism and interactivity that they want, providing the best possible experience without the need for direct contact from a sales person in the presentation stage of the product or service. The communication of bank statements, investment funds and insurance policy welcome packs are some examples of complex products and services that require detailed and customized communication of their advantages, use and adaption to the customer.

Business case:
Financial Industry
Dynamic investment funds.
Digital transformation.
Saving internal resources
Business case: Insurance Industry
Multi-channel Automated Welcome Pack
Composition and mailing
350 Mil
WelcomePacks in
10 european countries

To do this, Customer Comms has developed the Dynamic Experience solution in Communicalia, offering the following benefits:

Comunicaciones Dinámicas
  • Interactive explanation of complex products without the presence of a sales person.
  • Provide the best customer experience.
  • Complete customization of the communication.
  • Analyze each figure or graph in as much detail as possible.
  • Support the product or service’s explanation with customized videos.
  • Safely export Excel or PDF data for management or storage.
  • Electronic signatures in contracts.