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MAILTECK S.A., in its condition of Owner and party responsible for the present website, in compliance with the provisions of article 10 of Law 34/2002, of 11 July, of Services of the Information Society and Electronic Commerce, makes available to users the following general information of this website as follows:

N.I.F.: A-31501901
Registered Office: Avenida de la Recomba 12-14 Leganés (Madrid),
Registry Data: Registro Mercantil de Madrid, al Tomo 34301, Folio 95, Sección 8ª, Hoja M-617061, Inscripción 1ª.
Contact: Telephone: 91 304 49 41


These General Conditions of Use (hereinafter, the “GCU”) regulate the use of the website (hereinafter, the website) that MAILTECK makes available to users who access the page in order to proceed with the request made.

Therefore, these GCU will apply both to the promotional activity and provision of information carried out through the Website and to the provision of services offered therein, in such a manner that they will be applicable at all times both for simple browsing through the Website, and also for contracting services within the Website, although the latter will be subject, additionally, to both the GCU described below, and the applicable General Contracting Conditions, as well as the Particular Conditions that may exist, if any.


Access to and/or use of the Website attributes the condition of user to whomsoever makes use thereof, who from that very moment shall accept, fully and without reservation, these Terms and Conditions, as well as the Specific Terms and Conditions which, if necessary, may supplement, modify or replace the Terms and Conditions in relation with certain services and content of the Website, thereby undertaking to respect the restrictions on the use thereof as established by MAILTECK at all times.


Access and use of the website is free of charge for users and does not require prior registration of the user.


The user agrees to use the Website and services and content thereof without violating current legislation, good faith, generally accepted use and public order. It is likewise forbidden to use the website for illegal or harmful purposes against MAILTECK or any third party, or which in any way could damage or impede the normal operation of the Website.


Use of the Website shall be under the sole and exclusive liability of the user. This liability extends to the use, by the user or any third party, of passwords or similar codes assigned for access to the Website, as well as any services thereof.
The foregoing notwithstanding, MAILTECK reserves the right to deny or disable at any time and without the need for prior notice, access to the website or restricted access, to users who do not comply with these GCU, the rules established by MAILTECK or their workers or that may disturb the proper operation, image, credibility and/or prestige of MAILTECK or its workers.
In this sense, MAILTECK reserves the right to cancel or restrict access to the website to certain Users, in the event that they observe any behaviour that in the opinion of is contrary to these Conditions of Use, the Law, the rules established by or their workers or that may disturb the proper operation, image, credibility and/or prestige of or its workers. Likewise, may hold Users liable for damages arising from the improper use of the Website.
MAILTECK does not guarantee the legality, reliability, usefulness, truthfulness or accuracy of the content which users transmit when using the Website.
MAILTECK does not control the use made by users of the Website, nor does it guarantee that they will do so in accordance with these Terms and Conditions.
MAILTECK does not control or guarantee the absence of computer viruses in the services provided by third parties through the Website which may cause alterations to your computer system (software and hardware), or to electronic documents and files stored on your computer system.
The sole purpose of the links provided by the Website to users is to help them with the search of information available on the Internet.


Any use or modification of the Material or the Content for any purpose other than that authorised in the General Conditions will be considered a breach of international «copyright» laws, which protect copyright.
With regard to content, the following is prohibited:

  • Reproduction, copying, distribution, modification or tampering thereof in any way and for any purpose, unless with the prior written authorization of the legitimate owners or in cases where such actions may be legally permitted.
  • Any violation of the rights of MAILTECK or of the legitimate owners thereof.
  • Use thereof for any type of commercial or advertising purposes other than those strictly permitted.

MAILTECK guarantees that the content, including intellectual property, is not unlawful, nor does it infringe any regulations in effect.
Therefore, the content of the Website is not xenophobic, pornographic, discriminatory or racist, nor does it incite violence in any manner whatsoever.
In addition, MAILTECK shall adopt the legal measures it deems appropriate to prevent any kind of immoral or illegal conduct.


MAILTECK may unilaterally modify, without prior notice, whenever they deem appropriate, the website’s structure and design, as well as modify or delete services, content and conditions of access and/or use of the website.


This MAILTECK website provides users with connections and links to other websites managed and controlled by third parties. These links are designed exclusively to facilitate users the search for information, content and services on the Internet and are not, in any case, to be considered a suggestion, recommendation or invitation to visit such links. MAILTECK does not previously market, direct or have prior control or endorse the content, services, information and statements available on these websites.
MAILTECK does not assume any type of liability, whether indirect or subsidiary, for damages of any kind that may arise from access, maintenance, use, quality, legality, reliability and usefulness of the content, information, communications, opinions, statements, products and services existing or offered on the websites not managed by MAILTECK and that may be accessible through the MAILTECK Portal.


MAILTECK neither guarantees nor assumes liability under any circumstances for damages of any kind which may result from:

  • Failure to comply with the law, morals, good customs and public order, or the use of the products and/or services offered in a careless or incorrect manner, or for illicit purposes or effects contrary to the provisions of these Terms and Conditions, or in conditions which may apply.
  • For the purchase or contracting of services, goods or products that may be acquired or contracted from third parties through access via the MAILTECK Website, especially in those cases in which the purchase or contracting process is carried out directly in the third-party website and even if distinguishing marks or a “frame” appear with the website’s graphic elements (Branding).
  • The lack of availability, maintenance and effective operation of the Website and/or services or content thereof.
  • The lack of usefulness, suitability or validity of the Website and/or services or content thereof to satisfy the needs, activities, specific results or expectations of users.
  • The existence of viruses, malware or harmful programs in the content.
  • The receipt, acquisition, storage, distribution or transmission of the content by users.
  • The unlawfulness or lack of truthfulness, accuracy, reliability, relevance, timeliness and completeness of the content and information transmitted or made available to the users, including the information and services provided by third parties or by users through the Website.
  • Failure by third parties to comply with their obligations or commitments related to the services provided to users through the Website.
  • For the content, files, information, advertising, opinions, concepts and images that do not depend on the Website, nor are managed by MAILTECK. Nor are they responsible for improper use of Website content, this being the sole responsibility of the person who accesses or uses such content.
  • For improper use of user access codes for access to website service content requiring such codes nor for the consequences of any nature derived from improper use by users, for lost or forgotten codes, and improper use thereof by unauthorised third parties.
  • The inability of any user or impersonation of another by the user.
  • For the content facilitated by users.


You can consult the additional and detailed information regarding Data Protection on our Data Protection page.


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Part of the Website may contain advertising content or be sponsored.
Advertisers, sponsors and partners are solely responsible for ensuring that the material submitted for inclusion on the Website complies with the laws which may apply in each case.
MAILTECK shall not be held liable for any error, inaccuracy or irregularity which may be contained in the advertising or content of sponsors or partners.
In any case, to file any claim related to advertising content inserted into this Website, you may send an email to the following address:


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By accepting this clause, it is expressly authorized to send commercial communications by electronic means, other means of communication equivalent (sms, mms) and / or traditional (postal mail), promotional campaigns, discounts and on launch. of new products and services that MAILTECK commercializes in the market. If you can not be notified of our products and services, you can send an email to with the Subject: LOW.